PLIGHT OF THE MARAWI; Searching for solution



Background of MARAWI
Marawi, officially the Islamic city of Marawi, is a predominantly Muslim city which accounts for almost 100% of Muslims from more than 200,000 of population, located on the northern part of Mindanao Island, south of Philippines. Since the end of May 2017 this city had been bombarded by the armed forces of Philippines in the name of war against terror, before the authorities announced the end of it in October 2017. The 5 long months of battle killed more than a thousand of soldiers, militants, and civilian as well, wounded more than a thousand more, and displaced more than 200,000 residents. The damage inflicted on the city is catastrophic. The fate surrounding the victims’ future is vague.

Realizing the situation, the IFRD members in their committee meeting in Istanbul on 13th November 2017 unanimously agreed to hold an international conference on Marawi in 2018. The committee deems it imperative to raise awareness on the pitiful condition of Marawi among the global citizen. After the contribution and campaign IFRD has done for the sake of Rohingya, now the organization seek to gain the same attention and support for the Maranaos as the fate of other Muslims in other countries is no less important.

Now as the Muslims in Mindanao voted for the Bangsamoro autonomous region on 21st January 2019, this great news shined a bright new hope on the future of Marawi and with the cooperation from the State Government Of Terengganu, the organization is determined to bring the plight of Marawi into the eyes of the world and it hopes that the conference will be the key to drawing more attention to Marawi worldwide and pave the way to the redevelopment of this region.